Let's talk a little about how it all got started.

I grew up most of my life here in Dallas, Texas. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico but came to the US at a very young age. I started really liking hair styling in high school. I would see the girls at school with different hairstyles and it really gave me the curiosity of how that hairstyle was achieved. I bought magazines, saw hair videos, went to the library and picked out as many step-by-step hair styling books I could find. That is where my passion began. Fast forward to now, I have been doing Bridal hair for 9+ years. I did go to Cosmetology school and graduated from a great school, Paul Mitchell. Being a licensed Cosmetologist now, I still do hair cuts, color and etc. But my true passion lies behind formal and Bridal styling. I keep investing in myself by taking advanced Master Classes to become best I can be. I will always try to learn new trends and  techniques because I believe that the minute you stop learning is the moment you stop growing.

December 2019 we opened & now co-owning

a Hair & Makeup Studio alongside my partner Crystal Zarazua. We now train talented artists that have joined our team to grow this passion we have.

 We would love to have you stop by and check

out our new place in Deep Ellum.

New Location: The Studio 201


-Leslie Barajas

Behind the Makeup Brush

with Crystal Zarazua

I have been working with this amazing talented lady for over a year now. We started teaming up to glam weddings in early 2018. Crystal has been doing makeup for more than 6 years and runs her own company called CrisJennMakeup. Crystal has such an awesome talent and a great eye to suggest what would look best for your special day! I am truly thankful for meeting her.

We enjoy sharing our passions and always pushing each other to be the best we can be. You can see her work on www.crisjennmakeup.com